Welcome to my
E Book page.

I began writing mainly to support the ideas behind my music releases, particularly Varoshi Fame. Jules Hanon, a psychedelic band that I played in from 1979 to 2005 also gave me cause to write about the music we produced. However all my original writing was destroyed in a fire in 2003 before I had a chance to transfer them to the digital medium.

Some fortune did come my way and two Varoshi Fame booklets and one Jules Hanon booklet have been retrieved. As well, some of the original templates have been restored, scanned and the restoration of these booklets can be seen here.

With the addition of the book "Unfolded and Grown" written in 2015 I now will be posting my writings here in E Book form.

As with my music the downloads are free and there is no catch. I enjoy sharing my work with those who enjoy what I have to say.

I write non fiction. The main thrust of ideas are based in theoretical social structure. I am an anarchist. I believe in peace and I deplore all forms of violence, especially war. I am also an atheist. As that is the basis of my personal view on religion I stand hard on the subject and so I shift into the role of anti-theist as a result. The other important feature of my writing is humour, albeit of a sarcastic tone. The four main concepts that I hold dear to are justice, equality, freedom and truth. These combined form my ideal understanding of the world.